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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage utilises advanced techniques to release soft tissue dysfunction, neuromuscular tension and myofacia pain. Whether you have a sharp, pulsating, referral pain, or a dull ache, remedial massage techniques allow the tension in the muscle where the nerve is impinged to be released.

The function of a joint may not have its full range of movement where the nerve thinks the muscle is at its full extension, and using specialised techniques allow the nerve to be “tricked” back into allowing the muscle to contract or lengthen, reinstating full range of movement.

Remedial massage therapists assess the condition and massage the specific muscle only, compared to therapeutic massage where you work on the whole body region, remedial massage will re-assess after the treatment and may provide you some exercises to do at home assisting a full recovery.

General Practitioners, Consultants, Chiropractitioners, Physiotherapist, Osteotherapists refer clients to A Working Body to assist there rehabilitation, although you do not have to have a referral to visit A Working Body.

Exercises may be given to the client to do at home to either strengthen weak musculature or lengthen shortened muscles.